Predicting the 2016 WCWS

Predicting the 2016 WCWS

On the eve of the WCWS, it’s time to offer my predictions.

Florida St. – Georgia

This game is a toss up. One could argue that Georgia has momentum after beating top-ranked Florida in the Super Regionals, but momentum is only as good as tomorrow’s starting pitcher. For Georgia that will likely be Chelsea Wilkinson (2.29 FIP, 1.84 BB/7 IP). FSU meanwhile will likely start Jessica Burroughs (1.66 FIP, 1.94 BB/7).

Predicted Winner: FSU

Auburn – UCLA

Auburn hits, defends, and pitches better than UCLA. Enough said.

Predicted Winner: Auburn

Alabama – Oklahoma

Alabama struggles to score at times and Oklahoma will bring a large contingent from Norman. The Sooners will combine home-field advantage with a more talented team.

Predicted Winner: Oklahoma

Michigan – LSU

The Wolverines have the best offense of any team in the WCWS. That will put a lot of pressure on LSU sophomore starters Carley Hoover (2.52 FIP, 2.29 BB/7) or Allie Walljasper (2.36 FIP, 1.75 BB/7). If they put runners on base this game could get out of control in a hurry.

Predicted Winner: Michigan

2016 National Champion

Auburn and Oklahoma are going to be tough to beat in this tournament, and my pick to surprise some teams along the way is FSU. While anything can happen in a game played with a round ball and a round bat, my predicted national champion is Michigan.