Infographics: Race of Athletes in NCAA Softball

Infographics: Race of Athletes in NCAA Softball

While a majority of females playing NCAA softball are white (see above), over the past 10 seasons women’s college softball has seen racial changes in its athletes.

Compared to 10 seasons ago (see below), women who identify as two or more races saw the biggest  increase (+3.6%), followed by Latinos/Hispanics (+1.9%) and Other (+0.9%). Two groups saw decreases according to percentage of participants: Whites (-6.1%) and Blacks (-1.1%).

Below are the overall number of participants in NCAA softball’s three divisions. Black softball players were the only group who saw their overall numbers decrease.

2007-08 2016-17
White 14,437 15,603
Hisp./Latino 965 1,511
Black 1,009 952
Two or More
84 817
Other 287 511
Asian 203 260
Amer. Indian/
Alaska Native
102 136
0 114
Native Hawaii/
Pacific Island
67 95
Total 17,514 19,999